1) Pop Star Crime Briefs
By briefing crimes committed by Pop Stars, we aim to prevent crime by captivating a juvenile’s attention and educating them on the tenets of modern criminal law. Here, youths can consider the penalties that unlawful acts can render so the prospective crime may be prevented. Crimes ranging from Winona Ryder’s theft case to the 2nd Degree Murder case against Phil Spector are examined.

2) Criminal Law Flashcard Curriculum
Our field directors are building a comprehensive Criminal Law education program, covering a host of topics from: rape and homicide to robbery and underage alcohol consumption. The curriculum is executed through online flashcards, an educational theory that has proven effective for its simplicity, comprehensiveness and student engagement. To learn more about this theory, visit: http://www.freeworldu.org/static/flashcardtheory.aspx.

3) Assemblies
Youth Vault sets up assemblies with Parent-Teacher Associations, law enforcement, school boards and principals to interact with students directly. Once the curriculum is established online, schools will have the opportunity to enroll students in the program.

4) Artistic Inspiration To counter both the closure of art departments in schools around the country and boredom, YVI features artists to inspire alternative hobbies and occupations.Sean at Work