Adam LambertNo more snapping, Adam Lambert! Cameramen, Beware!

Facts: Adam Lambert was hanging out on Miami Beach on Sept 16, 2010, when a cameraman, 38
year old Victor Eros, decided to snap some pictures of the former American Idol runner up. Lambert, a former American Idol contestant, jumped on the photographer’s back, and tried to grab at Era’s camera, which was reportedly in his backpack. Photographic evidence shows that there was a camera in this cameraman’s left hand, though. No arrests have been made so far, the police officer said there would be no investigation, but the state attorney’s office is reportedly looking further into the situation, although no formal charges have yet been filed. Please reference the following links, accurate as of 09/21/2010:

Dade County Criminal Case Defendant:

TMZ’s photo of Adam “battering” a photographer:

Law: In the State of Florida, Adam Lambert would typically be charged with the crime of misdemeanor battery for this type of attack. However, it is also true that in Florida, if a victim is without physical signs of being battered, e.g. bruises, scratches, etc, the state may decide not to proceed with filing formal charges, on the basis of good faith, essentially that the person meant no harm, or more likely, that a momentary loss of impulse control is no reason to imprison a person, if no harm was done.

Issue: Did Adam Lambert intentionally victimize a photographer?

Analysis: In Glambert’s case, it is apparent by the photographic evidence that Lambert did indeed physically grab or assault the photographer, and was reaching into his bag, however, the intent is what is unclear. In the photo that has been splayed across the internet, the photographer appears to be smiling, and of course, there appears to be a camera in his left hand. Most photographers have a camera preference, and probably wouldn’t toss a camera into a mesh bag in the first place, so unless the cameraman had somehow gotten it out and Lambert was continuing to reach into the bag, for reasons unknown, I would say that the report is probably false.

Advice: Now, I am not saying that what Lambert (obviously) did was the right thing. He needs to learn to either not horse around with photographers, or to keep his hands to himself, and play nice. I also think he should keep his hands away from other people’s property. Glambert may be getting fed up with the fame, but like every other singer, he should keep his temper cool to keep his career nice and hot…All in all- to those bearing photographic equipment: Steer clear of Adam Lambert for the next couple of months. After reading a recent tweet that came from his twitter account in response to the incident with Russell Brand and Katy Perry attacking paparazzi, which stated “some of dem paps are SCUM! Stand your ground.”, I think that snapping anything of Adam, might end up with Lambert snapping right back. Whataya want from that cameraman, anyways?

Contributed by Gillian Weeks